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There are many reasons why someone donates their time, clothing, money, expertise, etc. It is typically because you feel an emotional connection to something, enough that it inspires you to give back.

We at Hands on Texas hope that we can inspire you to help us give back to the community and to the Texas Association for the Deaf (TAD) through clothing donations. Your unused and unwanted clothing helps to: provide local jobs, keep money circulating within the local community and financially supports programs benefiting the deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing community right here in Texas.


20% of all proceeds go to the Association to fund advocacy, fight for the rights for the hard of hearing, deafblind and deaf to retain their legal rights to vote and the right to have certified interpreters at schools for children and at voting stations. That means that 20% of sales before costs, AKA gross, go directly to TAD. This model ensures that the maximum number of dollars supports their core mission: empowering the deaf community and protecting their constitutional rights.

The advocacy and protection of American Sign Language is of no small importance. As the native language of members of the deaf community it is vital to their success and well being. The interpretation of English into ASL is therefore a human right and the mission of TAD is to ensure that Deaf Texans are protected! To that end TAD works tirelessly in Austin to legislate and agitate for change. In 2020 TAD has sponsored and passed 3 bills helping to improve the quality of life for Deaf Texans.

Today TAD runs several programs in line with its commitment to serve the needs of the Deaf community including a Mental Health and Aging Task Force. At the same time TAD is consistently leading efforts to preserve Deaf autonomy within the Texas School for the Deaf, a vital institution preserving the Deaf culture and language in the Lonestar state. All of this is only possible with the aid and support of people from within and without the community.

Your support of Hands on Texas makes you an ally of the over 350,000 members of the Texan Deaf community. Your support goes a long way. Unleash the power of your clothing donation TODAY.

The Deaf community thanks you for being their superhero!

If you, a friend or a member of your family is Deaf, Deafblind or Hard of Hearing email for more information and to become a member of TAD.